by Mortal Plague

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The second full length release from Mortal Plague offers a huge change in sound from the first, featuring tracks from the demo/EP "Winter is Neverending". This album was written and recorded by the band after the departure of guitarist Eric Innes and released shortly after his return to the band.


released June 22, 2011

Jonathan Wade- all instruments, vocals, songwriting, lyrics
Kevin Woo- Songwriting, lyrics




Mortal Plague Vancouver, Washington

Mortal Plague was formed as a solo project in 2009 by Jonathan Wade after his previous band, Gorgon, disbanded. It grew into an actual band, and for a time members came and went. in 2012, after having released two full length albums, a complete live line-up was formed and new material started being written by the entire band. ... more

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Track Name: I, Destructor
Through the shattered windows of my eyes,
I see glass that cuts through their flesh,
Digging deep into their bone marrow,
Exhuming my fractured and defiled conscience.

My soul, raped by their depravity,
Awakened in the name of Ira,
Render me destruction, my only verdict,
To immolate the surfaces of life’s decay.

Suffer, my wounds inflicted by their hands,
Slither, on the frozen crypts of their hell.

Insubstantial existence,
Endless trails of agony,
Self destruction,
Freedom at the bliss of tristitia.

I summon the armed forces of wrath,
The brimstone that runs in my veins,
Panzer division penetrating their walls,
Luftwaffe terrorizes their hell bent skies.

Embrace the resolution, the death of you and I,
Follow your fuhrer, the grim reaper.

Deception and deceit,
They meet the edge of my senses,
Dissonant sanity,
Besiege the fortress of our nemesis.

Sever the cord, suffocate this earth bred hope,
Seal the gates of your fortitude for mayhem,
Spread the disease of havoc and hysteria,
Suicide, defeat humanity, the implement of misery.

Reality, distorted in grim moonlight,
As we gather by this lake of tears,
Whispering this canticle of iniquity.

Wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony, existence.
Track Name: Winter is Neverending
Winter is Neverending
Born into destruction, a world of abominations,
Barren soils, serpents coil, the toil of unending life,
Blackened skies, mourning sun, a planet abandoned,
Raise me up, smite me down, send me to the arms of death.

Breathe… (welcome to the kingdom of calamities)
Rise… (of endless labors of blood and sweat)
See… (the hands of the world are of the devil himself)
Cry… (your efforts are equal to a voiceless cry)

Breathe… (the aromas of sin entice you and deceive you)
Rise… (malice in your hands with burning wrath)
See… (liars and whores defile the earth with a crooked smile)
Cry… (the darkness will conceal your unborn bleeding)

Dirges of dismay, leaves of autumn fall,
Broken wings buried neath withered ashes,
Nurtured to love a humanity that hates you,
I can almost see lady justice raped in front of me.

Called upon all hope, wished it heard my cries,
I was unaware of its sadistic eyes and mind.

I am infant tears, I’m eternal years,
Crawl through glass and nails, just to learn to walk,
To a dethroned throne, a meaningless goal,
A seat of failure and despair.

Cradles of tears I’ve cried,
Banks of blood I’ve shed,
A truth so dun, so vile,
The world decays in denial.

Redolence of blood and mold,
White foams from a dead mans lips,
A relief from this suffering,
No love, no hope, no agony.
Scarlet tears from bloodshot skies,
Tasteless sorrow from tearing eyes,
Recur and desensitize,
No love, no hope, no agony.

Futile attempts of mine,
Shackle my heart and mind,
I have lost all my hope,
Nothing real was ever there.

Frozen tears that I weep
Linger behind my eyes
To the life I deny
Winter is Neverending
Track Name: Visage
Barren are the desolate lands that I walk
Though no life they bring
Promises of beauty are made
But unkept


Fools are those who are blind
Though deception is clear
Continue on in feeble existence
Blindly following
Mindless servants

So I turn my back
On those of weak heart and mind
Soulless masses
Of no identity

And as I wander
Loneliness consumes me
But it is better to be alone than without a soul
(But to what end?)

What was once savored by my lips has become bland
Track Name: Cult of the Mourning Sun
Disaster reigns upon this land,
Sorrow breeds within our decay,
Misery festers in the realms of time,
Distress shackles our feet to the earth.

There is no light beneath the boiling sun,
There is no hope upon these barren soils,
I see no future within my own reflections,
Just the darkness of the truth and the bleak tomorrow.

We are the emoidments, of great despair,
We are the universal depressants,
We lift our eyes to the skies, and pray for and end,
Chant for the mourning sun’s eclipse.

Look at the devil’s details around you,
Now you know that we are not alone,
Ask yourself if there can be a brighter tomorrow,
The truth will guide you to your own denial.

There is just tears beneath the blazing sun,
There is just grief upon these vacant soils,
I see not future in the mirrors of all time,
Just the corrosion of the world and humanity.

We are the vehement misanthropic hordes,
We are the self-loathing autophobic voices,
We are the products of anguish and rejection,
And we will chant for the mourning sun’s eclipse.
Track Name: Forged for Destruction
forged by the hammer of humanity
flourished at the most barren vineyard
i am the inner reflection of decay
the waste that's reduced to fog and dust

molded by this sadistically justified society
I am the craft of indulgence and vacuity
I am the perversion and the great plague
I am the embodiment of tears and sorrow

forged by the hammer of humanity (forged by the hammer)
flourished at the most barren vineyard (flourish there)
I am the sword that you stab unto yourself ( i am the sword)
I am the bloody wine that cakes your lips ( wine, your lips)

kill all assailants and then thyself
silence the anguish, this time is mine
never forgive never forget
this night vengeance is nigh
Track Name: Crushing Ignorance
These lands, scarred
By unholy crusade
Shattered remains, left to rot
Your blasphemies
Shall not go unpunished

I shall be the next in line
To crush all of your lies
There shall be no gain
Only your pain
Extinguish your life
Now you all die

There shall be no mercy
You will be wiped away
Insignificant scum
The earth shall be purged of your filth
One by one you die
There shall be no remorse
The world shall rejoice in your

You who claim to be
Oh so holy
Shall be wrought

Now you will be struck down
You shall be annihilated
You will be buried alive
Face the hand of pain

I piss on your grave
Track Name: Bringer of Plagues
Wielder of despair, take upon filth and agony,
Yielder of wrath take them to your demise,
Bring down humanity, the potter of decay,
Eradicate all traces, now kill thyself.

Look skywards for your hope, and watch the plagues descend,
Pray that mankind will care, realize that no one cares,
Breath in the aromas of sin, the scent of temptation,
Now take upon destruction, kill thyself.

I reject, all your lies,
Your touch, your words, your cries,
I reject, all your lies,
I must not live to see the sun

Mythical depression, the wreath above my head,
My crown of earth and dust, the best I’ve ever had,
Join me and raise the glass, the chalice of my hate,
Drink to your banishment, we are the forsaken.

I reject, all your lies,
Your touch, your words, your cries,
I reject, all your lies,
I must not live to see the sun.
Track Name: Northern Demise
Faint scent of death fills the lungs,
Rancid flesh disgusted by its meals,
Malodorous oxygen, fetid life,
The insidious prison of the soul.

Born for the purpose of failure,
Living in shadows of infinite shame,
The bleakness of a merciless future,
Weeps on the surface of a reflection.

Bled of all sadness that never runs dry,
Filled with remorse and voiceless cries,
The light has turned its face away,
And in the skies there is no solace.

Behold my northern demise,
To the grip of my will, I suffice,
Behold my northern demise,
The end of visions, the end of life.

The droplets of lucidity and despair,
Of the remaining thread of conscience,
Astricted in the noose of a rope,
The only hope to be found overhead.

Behold my northern demise,
To the grip of my will, I suffice,
Behold my northern demise,
The end of visions, the end of life.

Tacitly she coils against the neck,
The only warmth felt in the grimness,
The murk and foams of ghostly frost,
She calls my name, she knows my name.

With closed eyes and dismal thoughts,
The humble ceremony is conducted,
A symphony of blossoms and liberation,
She holds me still, free above the earth.
Track Name: Omens
Sunlight fades
darkness closes in
sulfurous ashes rising from
the craters of a land now lost

barren and lifeless
repulsive scum
tear at your eyes
we, the shadows with eyes of fire
a dance macabre yet beatiful

devour your flesh
wipe out your filth
for this is the end
chaos will reign on this earth
and we will
share in our demise

tonight marks the end of all humankind